XL Classic Woodfired Oven


Super insulated high heat retention oven, heats up quickly with hybrid refractory dome.

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RoastChickenThe Extra Large (XL) Blistering Woodfired Oven* is perfect for most family back gardens. Once up to cooking heat (approximately 25 minutes) you can be turning out pizzas at a rate of one every three or four minutes and it will easily cook a Sunday roast with trimmings. The large oven has a cooking area base circumference of 1050mm x 485mm high and weighs 150kg.

You may well have seen a number of other ovens and read conflicting claims. The Blistering wood-fired oven is not a stock item put on the shelf by a wholesaler. Its design has evolved over a considerable period and reflects the practical experiences of a commercially well-known team who have been cooking with wood-fired ovens for over fifteen years.

Our oven was finally constructed in the UK using some of the latest cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques. After three years of development and testing, we have managed to create a product which is light-weight, safe and efficient. The ovens are suitable for domestic or commercial use. Compared with other apparently similar ovens, they are lighter in weight, use significantly less wood, reach the optimum cooking temperature more quickly (about 350º in about twenty minutes) and maintain this temperature over a longer period.

External Diameter 1050mm
Internal Diameter 800mm
Heat Up Time 20 Mins
Pizza Capacity 2 Large / 3 Small
Weight 160 Kilos


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