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A long burning solid fuel that can be used in a wood burning stove. Burns for a long time with good heat. Good when used with firewood for a longer burn. Will stay in overnight.

Sold in 15 Kg recycled plastic bags approx 450mm x 600mm (18 x 24 inches). Each Woodcoal brikett is 75mm x 50mm (3×2 inches) with an oval shape in profile and straight sides. This is a HETAS approved non-smokeless solid fuel. For use in open fires, wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves. Heat energy 5.5/6 Kw/h/Kg.

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Hetas approved solid fuelWoodcoal Briketts are a uniquely longer-burning solid fuel for wood burning stoves, and will burn overnight. Ideal to burn on its own or with wood briquettes and normal logs to make the fire last longer. They are easy to light, have a high heat output and bright lively flames. This HETAS approved domestic fuel burns safely in combination with wood and takes your fire through the night.


Woodcoal ~ dependable and long lasting

Despite some agonising over inclusion of Woodcoal in the WOOF! range, I have added it because it has some powerful features specifically for owners of wood burning stoves that are not available with other fuels unless your stove has a grate. These were so compelling they outweighed any misgivings I have about going over to the dark side. (and it also completely transformed the performance of my Esse Ironheart wood burning cooking stove which I had found hard to control on wood alone)

Wood burner coal

Most importantly Woodcoal will burn on the stove floor with only a secondary air supply just like wood. The very low sulphur content makes it safe to combine with wood. Wood Coal, Brown Coal (or Union Briquettes as they were known) is manufactured from a dried and refined; geologically young type of coal called Lignite. This still has a large amount of organic matter that makes it easy to light and can be burnt in combination with wood in a wood burning stove. The burning characteristics are similar to wood and will burn for a long time with a secondary air supply. So it does not need a grate with a primary air supply like coal. I should say that this fuel will work just as well on an open fire and multi –fuel stoves alike.

Safe ash

There is very little ash and no unburned material, the ash is a light sandy colour and completely inert, so safe to compost if it has become mixed with wood ash.

Slow release heat

The main difference between Wood Coal and burning Logs is that the heat output is very long and steady. My (very unscientific) observation is that it will burn just a bit hotter than kiln dried logs at around 5.5 / 6 Kw and works out as a good value natural fuel in pence per kilowatt terms. The real advantage is its ability to burn slowly during the daytime or even overnight. This leaves your stove ready to re- kindle with glowing embers at any time.

Even dry wood is not a smokeless fuel

This product is classed as smokeless in Europe, but just like wood briquettes and kiln dried logs it does not pass the UK smoke control test so it will need to be burned in a DEFRA approved appliance if you live in a smoke control area.


Low smoke, easy to light, high heat output, bright lively flames, low ash content, long burn and good value. Consistent quality, Hetas approved domestic fuel.

Light up at fire o’clock

Lay some kindling and twisted newspapers or firelighters on the stove floor. FireMagic will also light Woodcoal in one go. Place 5-10 pieces of fuel on top and fully open the air vents, then light. Close the stove door and wait for the fire to fully establish then add more fuel or logs as required. Adjust the air vent to the correct setting and enjoy relaxing in the ambience of a real fire.


Add 5- 10 pieces to an existing fire, again open the air vents and wait for the fuel to become fully ignited before reducing the air supply to the required level.

Embers for tomorrow morning?

Before turning in, add more Woodcoal briketts and wait until they are burning. Set the air intake at its lowest level and ensure the fire is safely guarded. Next morning you will have a warm and cosy room waiting for you.

Lignite, high grade wood

Woodcoal’s base is not raw lignite; it is a dried and refined form that is processed in to a briquette or brikett to make a stable high energy, safe, good value domestic solid fuel.

For those of us who spend too much time looking things up on the Internet, you will find a number of references to lignite as being high moisture content with low energy, but Woodcoal’s special manufacturing process creates low moisture fuel with high energy content and super low sulphur.

There are a number of references to lignite being a low grade of coal, but this is more a statement of fact than a negative. From my point of view in wood energy terms it is high grade wood! Typical anthracites and house coals are too high in energy for a standard wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and using them could damage your stove and possibly invalidate the warranty – extremely high heat is not always as desirable as we might first think. It is far better for the life of a stove to have a fuel that burns longer and slower than short bursts of high energy.

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