Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs in Bulk Bags


Firewood logs, grown, split and sold only in Britain, 10 inch logs from main hardwood species of Ash, Beech and Oak. Three sizes of Bulk Bag available as 1.6 – 1.2 and 0.80 cubic metre by volume. The firewood is kiln dried in Biomass kilns to a moisture content of 20%. So they burn beautifully and are a Biomass approved fuel by HETAS and the SIA, for extra peace of mind.

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These really are generous  bulk bags full of 10 inch logs, they come completely covered up so are shower proof until you are ready to move them. Please be warned: during the middle of Winter delivery can take up to 6 weeks. They come in  1.6m³-1.2 and a new handy .80 cubic metre bags. These are all from mixed British Hardwoods, cut and split in Britain too.  Please see the delivery PDF for delivery information.


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