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il Fioretto pizza oven fuel is the most compressed wood briquette money can buy.  Specially designed in Italy by a company who have dedicated the last 40 years to manufacturing the perfect fuel for wood fired ovens.  Each box is 13kg contains 12 daisy shaped briquettes made from pure beech wood, super refined for maximum compression.  The result is a long burn with low flame, just what you need for perfect pizza.

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The new Il Fioretto, is designed for Pizza Ovens. It is made from pure beech wood, and milled with a finer particle size for extra density. This produces a lower level of flame (so no singed pizzas)  and longer lasting embers. It also works well in a BBQ either on its own or in combination with lumpwood charcoal or as a charcoal substitute in certain grills.

An Italian Masterpiece

Il Fioretto is a technical masterpiece in wood briquette terms, and quite possibly the most thought out and finest wood briquette ever made. Sitta in Italy have invested heavily in new briquetting technology to develop this product. In simple terms the finely ground and dried beech wood is sifted through even smaller screens than il faggetto to leave a very small particle size, with new dies and presses this can be even more agglomerated than almost any other briquettes and the result is a hyper density briquette. The shape is aesthetically pleasing and even this is for a technical reason. The daisy profile increases surface area for a better more even burn and reduces contact with the floor of the oven increasing air flow for good combustion and a more even burn.

What’s the difference ?

In practical terms the main difference between NEW  il Fioretto and il Faggetto is that il Fioretto is designed to give a lower level of flame and an increased ember time, because it’s increased density it has a greater calorific value and will last longer. The price judged by weight comparison per kilo would make it appear more expensive, but the gains in productivity terms because of the clever way the release of heat energy is controlled, specifically when used in cooking pizza is very compelling.

Is there a bio hazard in your oven ?

The Italian nation the inventors of the pizza, know a thing or two about cooking with wood. One of these is to be very careful about the fuel you use when cooking and to make sure it is food grade clean and pure. Sitta the makers of the O’ Sole Mio family of products have made sure that their manufacturing process makes a clean and safe food grade wood briquette. They use the Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system as a preventive approach to ensure fuel safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes to make it il Fioretto and il faggetto food safe. Briquettes made for wood burners have not gone through this process and do not have any certification.


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