il Faggetto Pizza Oven Fuel


Hexagonal wood Briquette, 30cm long by 8cm wide. Eight briquette per box. Feed stock pure food grade Beech wood flour 18 Kg per box. Packaging cardboard box. Heat capacity 5Kwh.

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Baking the difference

Used by over 6000 Italian wood oven chefs for a cleaner-hotter-longer baking session. Wood fired ovens, frequently referred to as pizza ovens, are a fantastic way to cook pizzas and are incredibly versatile ovens for bread baking as well as amazing roast meat and vegetable dishes, in fact a wood fired oven is one of those items that until your first experience, you never really knew you wanted one. Many of our customers cook all year round in theirs, including Christmas dinner.

True happiness and ultimate pleasure can only come from your oven when it gets hot enough to burn cleanly and consistently. The frustration of not getting your pride and joy up to temperature on demand can ruin best laid plans for a great evening’s entertainment. This is why ‘O Sole Mio, wood oven fuel was developed in Italy for pizzerias and bakeries where consistency, high temperature and fast heat up times are vital.

The briquettes are made from food grade beech wood ‘flour’, super clean and even certified for food use in commercial catering establishments. It is well worth remembering not to use any treated wood for cooking, most of the time it is fairly obvious as the wood will be painted or have a green or brown stain, however some food-use pallet wood is treated with bromide and the only indication might be a slight lack of performance, not so much in your oven but on your husband or partner.

Lighting is easy, depending on the size of your oven, make either a single T or double T with one log placed on the other, place a natural fire lighter at the ends of the logs and underneath, you can light these in the mouth of the oven and put them in with your peel. Once thoroughly alight after about 10 mins push the burning logs to one side of the oven, and thirty mins later let the cooking commence. Place a 4 inch section in the fire every 15 mins to maintain temperature.


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