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We get a huge heat output from these little logs, they are real performance in fire. You can also be confident to burn a British produced and HETAS approved fuel log of the highest quality. Hotties heat logs are ideal for all stoves, especially smaller ones.

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Burn them for Britain, produced in the UK

Hetas approved solid fuelThey come in neat 10 kg packs, are smooth and clean to use, have a long clean burn with high heat, give very little ash and a very good flame pattern. In our stove they glow like coal when finished flaming and last overnight. These Hotties Heat logs are the latest addition to the WOOF! Wood fuels range of high quality solid biomass fuels, for wood burning and multi fuel stoves. They can also be used in wood burning versions of solid fuel cookers like the iconic Rayburn and more modern appliances such as Esse wood burning range cookers.

I like Hotties Heat logs because they come in such a small neat pack and are so full of heat energy. Until you have tried them it is hard to understand how hot they can really get compared to normal seasoned firewood. They are easy to light and burn initially with a beautiful flame pattern, eventually settling down to a nice warm glow not unlike coal. Used correctly in a typical 5 kw wood stove with fully controllable air supply we can get around two hours of burn time per log. I often find nice warm embers for re-kindling in the morning as well from these heat logs.

I light the Heat logs by breaking a couple in to smaller pieces and placing them around one of our Blaze Natural fire lighters, and light using a Bryant and May extra long match to avoid singing my fingers. They catch easily and within 5 minutes there is a blazing hot fire, once this has warmed the stove and flue pipe thoroughly and after about an hour I re-fuel with one or two Heat logs and once flaming I reduce the air supply for a long slow burn.

In general for best practice it is essential to get your whole stove and especially the flue pipe hot as this effect the efficiency and draw of the chimney. If the stove and flue are too cold this will prevent the air wash system operating correctly and the glass may blacken.

The great thing about these heat logs is that they use clean waste timber to make a sustainable modern solid fuel. This wood comes in the form of shavings and sawdust from the timber milling industry and would otherwise be used for animal bedding and even just put into land fill.

Hotties heat logs are made in the UK in a specially built facility that is one of the greenest manufacturing plants in the UK, all the power for the plant is supplied by an onsite Anerobic Digestion plant ( AD) and the Heat logs have been awarded the coveted Woodsure Plus and HETAS approved biomass fuel quality marks so you can burn in any appliance with total confidence that these fuels have been independently tested and approved by industry experts.

THE FACTS: Heat output 4.9 kw/h/Kg. Average Burn time 120 min. 10 kg pack. 10 Logs per pack. Log size 8.5” x 2.75” x 2.75” ( 220 x 65 x65 mm). Pack size 13.5” x 8.5” x 5.5” (340 x 220 x 130 mm). Full Pallet 1000 x 1200 x 1500 mm. HETAS and Woodsure Plus approved biomass fuel for all stoves. UK produced.



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