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Clean odourless & eco-friendly. Each FireBuilder is 25cm x 12.5cm x 4.5cm – 9.5 x 5 x 1.5 in.
Each pack contains 3 FireBuilders and weighs approx 63g.
Burn time up to 30 min. Energy content 5.5 Kwh/kg/h.
Sold as 12 packs each with 3 individual FireBuilders. 36 in total.
This will light up to 72 fires with no need for kindling or firelighters.

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FireBuilder is an ‘all in one’ fire lighter and kindling combined to make a faster fuller fire. A clean, odourless, eco friendly fire maker and it works. In fact it’s so good one whole FireBuilder ‘waffle’ will light and make a nice evenly formed perfect coal fire, coal being notoriously more difficult to light than wood. It’s not often something new comes along in fire making that impresses me but this really did! In fact, it’s so good I’m slightly addicted (so use responsibly).

The inventor says “FireBuilder is so effective, because its unique draught creating design produces a robust long lasting flame which guarantees a successful fire each and every time.

How To Use

Open Fires and Stoves
Remove the outer packaging – for smaller grates and stoves snap along the middle perforation. Place one half flat on the grate, or use a whole FireBuilder in a larger grate or stove. If the grate is full of ash place one half on top of the other to raise it out of the ash. Light along the edge or on the broken perforations and allow 30 seconds for the flame to establish. Now place on top any of our eco fuel logs or kiln dried logs for the perfect fire. For best results snap eco fuel logs and place broken pieces end up on the FireBuilder.


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