Certainly Wood kiln-dried kindling


Easy lighting kindling gets the fire going especially quickly and easily. Comes in a very neat and clean no mess box for easy storage too.

Sold by the box, approx 13”x 8”x 6” (33 x 20 x 16 cm) each piece very approximately 5.5” x 1”. Average weight of box 2.8 – 3 kg.

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Beautiful little pieces of clean kiln dried kindling lovingly made from locally grown; sustainably managed poplar wood and tightly packed like sardines into neat, easy to store boxes. This kindling lights easily, burns with a good heat and with the added advantage of not spitting like pine. Poplar trees grow very tall and straight and were originally planted to make matches. Just a few pieces over a fire lighter or some scrunched up newspaper will quickly light a fire.

Poplar trees are the very tall straight trees we see in the English countryside often planted by farmers as wind breaks in the fields, in 1891 Monet painted a series of views of Poplars along the river Epte at Giverny in France. It is rumoured that at one point he had to buy the trees to finish the series, as a local timber merchant was going to fell them, apparently he then sold the trees once the series was complete, perhaps he made some monet selling the wood too.


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