Happy Customers

Summer Pizza made with il Faggetto Pizza Oven Fuel

Its brilliant, looking forward to more sunny days and pizza making this summer.

Richard - Bristol
April 26, 2017

Pizza Fuel Convert

The il Fioretto product works amazing.  Takes up less space in my shed burns for longer and I think gets my oven up to temp about 15 mins quicker.  All in all very pleased!  And thank you for the fantastic customer focused service too.

Kevin South London
April 12, 2017

Wonderful Woof!

Thank you both so much for getting the wood to us yesterday. Very much appreciated. You are all superstars!!

Sam Gower
March 6, 2017

I shopped around and now I’m back

So, with some trepidation, I tried burning Calor Heat Logs on my Charnwood LA multistove (the only version which does not support wood burning, doh) and whilst I wasn’t over the moon with the results (they were being sold off super cheap at B&Q and were damp and broken), they did burn and I reckoned this biofuel thing was worth pursuing. Not only was I completely sick of the mess from coal but physically, I’m only little and I can’t carry full bags of coal without doing myself an injury.

Meanwhile, I had done a little tinkering with the grate and found some Blazers at B&M Bargains of all places. I was very impressed by their heat output was getting hooked. But B&Ms don’t always stock them and I didn’t like loading them into the car once a week, so long term this isn’t viable.

I started researching delivery and whilst I was wooed by the UK companies with cheaper prices than Woof Wood Fuel, I didn’t like the big question mark over not only the quality of the fuel logs but also, their providence. What’s the point in burning biofuel if the wood chips come from Russia? Likewise, if you can’t be assured of quality of burn?

Then I chanced across Woof Wood and was immediately charmed and reassured by the super friendly and informative website! Aww, I love your videos, I watched all of them 🙂 I also read every single testimonial too. 😉

Next I decided to experiment with the Discovery Pallet, which was delivered just in time for Christmas. The delivery driver was friendly and helpful. I had a lot of fun trying everything out and really liked Hotties on my stove and was amazed at how well the beautiful kiln dried logs burnt too. The other fuel logs were OK on my stove but didn’t get me really excited. I do very much like the Magic Bark Overnight Logs and have just about managed to keep the fire in, which considering it isn’t even a proper wood burner, is pretty impressive. There were some really cool fire-lighters in the pack as well, which seemed to be made from cardboard and peat or something and are brilliant.

But, nothing made my heart sing like the Blazers Fuel Logs. I could not believe my eyes when I saw blue flames in my once rubbish and depressing little stove!! The heat output has been fantastic and I’m completely sold on them. So much so that I decided to order a huge amount direct from Blazers because doing the maths, the price per pack was less than Woof Wood, unless I ordered a really huge amount. I thought I was being smart (and I admit I did feel a little guilty) but then I got hit with an enormous delivery charge (nearly £50) and re-calculated everything and lo and behold, Woof Wood came in at a great price and so I’m here, I’m back and have just ordered my first big amount of Blazers Heat Logs. So excited!!!

January 18, 2016

Changed my life!

Bought a ton of Woodcoal Briketts for my log fire. Has it changed my life! Going out for a couple of hours we would expect the fire had gone out . Cannot believe we put this fuel on nine at night, and twelve the following morning the embers in the ash were still glowing red hot. This fuel seems expensive, but it gives out great heat for hours and hours. I cannot see myself buying wood briquettes or logs again. Thanks. Great product.

Ray Ambrose
March 19, 2014

I am delighted with the results

I have been using Woof Wood Fuels for two winters now and can highly recommend Will for his brilliant customer service and products. He has gone the extra mile to help me find the best Eco log for my tiny 4.5kw wood burner. My stove has to heat a back boiler for my hot water and run three small radiators. As a partially disabled person it was essential that the fuel I used could be easily handled, stored inside in my under stairs cupboard and would produce maximum heat output and have a long slow burn. Will was great at advising on different fuels and the combination we have settled on works superbly in my small stove and his delivery man even stacks the logs nicely in my cupboard!
I burn a combination of Blazers ( broken into two pieces as they expand in the stove ) plus Heat Logs. I am delighted with the results, getting hotter water and radiators plus a nice flame in the stove. They are also ideal as they produce very little ash.
Well done Woof Woof Fuels!

Kate Powell
November 10, 2013

Thanks for the prompt service

Just to say many thanks for the prompt service.
Placed our order on Wednesday morning and received it today, Friday 10am. Can’t do better than that! Excellent!

Lynne & Bob Parsons
November 2, 2012