Cookies are small text files containing data, typically letters and numbers, that are sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) while a user is browsing a website. There are essentially two types of cookie: Session cookies which expire when you close your browser and Persistant cookies which stay in your browser until you delete them. Cookies are usually triggered by clicking particular buttons, links and by logging in. There is also a type of Persistant cookie, called a Tracking cookie, which can be used not only to monitor your activities within a single website but can also be shared with other websites. We never use Tracking cookies

How we use cookies

We use session cookies on our web pages to monitor products you have added to your shopping cart and to display the totals in your cart, the ‘Quantity’ and ‘Value’ of your purchases so far, on each page. If we didn’t use cookies at all the totals would display zero.

We also store an optional persistent cookie if you click ‘Remember Me’ in the Checkout. This is used purely to store your Name and Contact Details so you don’t have to keep filling in the form every time you shop with us.


Because we only use cookies to display information about your purchases so far and for your convenience we assume your consent to use them. If you would prefer us not to set cookies in your browser you can block them within your browser’s settings.