About WOOF

I lit it and it just went WOOF!

I have personally selected this wide variety of clean, dry, convenient, ready-to-burn fuels, through many years of testing, to bring the selection of what I think are only the very highest quality fuels I can find. I test and burn everything from the heat logs, kiln dried logs and even the matches to test for quality. I visit all of my suppliers to see their processes and sample the product and even visit the forests to see the wood for the trees.

My aim is to help my customers get the very best from a wide variety of wood burning appliances and I hope the information contained on these pages will inspire anyone wishing to get more from their wood burning stove, multi fuel stove, solid fuel cooker, open fire or wood fired oven. Wood burning is simple, but sometimes you just need to know how, I hope I can help.


It is a very silly name, but I still like it, it is the expression we use inadvertently in the English language (possibly others) to describe in shorthand the way something lights very quickly. You will suddenly find yourself saying “it just went WOOF!” and possibly make a double uplifted hand gesture, like a positive shrug. Obviously I don’t really want your stove to light too quickly but it’s a nice expression and people seem to remember it.  So, either WOOF! or Green Renewable Biomass Solid Fuels Ltd, and I know which one has more of a ring to it.

How did it start ?

WOOF! was created back in 2007 following my own efforts to heat and cook only using wood as a fuel. I found that whilst I told my caveman self it was rewarding to cut and stack my own firewood, it did not always fit in with the demands of everyday life. For the amount of firewood I needed; time wise, it was an arduous task. This combined with the use of lethal weapons such as chainsaws and axes, not to mention the noise, getting cold and wet and despite all the planning ahead, there was never quite enough in the log store come the bleak mid winter. I was a bit defeated so I started looking for a backup and I found it after a lot of searching, and WOOF! is the result.

So now you can acquire all the ammunition you need for your wood burner, range cooker or outdoor wood oven from my arsenal of wood fuels all hand selected after many hours very enjoyable trial and error.

Burning wood is simple, when you know how.

I have everything you need to light the fire first time with one match and to keep it going for as long as you want. The best selection of natural firelighters, from wood wool and wax to eco cardboard that will light logs or coal without morning sticks, I have instant lighting logs, you just light the paper wrapper and they burn for two hours. There are three main varieties of wood briquettes also known as Heat logs, Hardwood firewood logs dried in a kiln to make them burn hotter for longer in small handy bags, and in giant bulk bags for easy delivery. I have wood pellets in bags for wood pellet biomass boilers. There are a couple of long burning coal products for multi fuel stoves and woodcoal that will burn with the same characteristics as wood, latterly a range of very special wood briquette called il faggetto and il fioretto under the brand name O’Sole Mio from the Italian maker Sitta that is food safe for wood burning alfresco ovens is keeping me very busy and finally I have some lovely kiln dried kindling that I hope you will enjoy and persuade you to stick with WOOF! for all your Winter and Summer burning needs.

Keep warm,

William Lloyd
WOOF! Wood Fuel.

We deliver nationally, or click and collect from our depot in Somerset. For advice regarding wood burning please email or write to WOOF Wood Fuels Ltd, Unit 7, Daddon Moor, Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford, North Devon EX39 3HN